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Ulsan Women and Family Development Institute(UWFDI)
will take the lead in gender equal society.

I am the second president of UWFDI, Lee, Jeong Hee.

UWFDI is Ulsan city-funded institute which is founded in 2015 to study and develop women and family policies, and to contribute toward realization of gender equality such as improving better competitive power and welfare for women.

Under the banner of 'Ulsan, a sharing city of fostering women's dreams and adding family's happiness', we, UWFDI has implemented research and projects in various areas such as Women and Family, Child Care and Low Fertility, and Children and Adolescents.

We will keep trying our best to make our research results are reflected in general policy of Ulsan Metropolitan City through communication with the local community and collecting citizen's needs.
We are looking forward to your generous interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

President, Lee, Jeong Hee.